When I first heard W & J’s love story, I got butterflies. They had met on an online forum for rock climbers at Yosemite National Park & immediately hit it off. She confided in me over our initial meeting that it had been love at first sight of J’s travel companion. He had been living […]


Gate’s Pass Engagement Session – W&J

When Micah & Charlie reached out about an engagement session & mentioned that they both loved Salt River, suggesting that we plan to shoot near the rafting kick-off spot, I was beyond ecstatic & quickly asked them to bring their bathing suits. I was met with an enthusiastic, “Heck yes!” from both of them & […]


Salt River Engagement Session – M&C

This isn’t necessarily meant to be a how-to guide, as planning your photo session is extremely personal & should be entirely up to YOU as far as what to do & what to bring & where to go. That being said, I hope that you find these ideas to be inspirational & motivational when it […]


Taking Your Engagement Shoot to the NEXT LEVEL πŸ’ͺ🏻

Emily & Cristian Moga Wedding – June 2019 (Why do I HIGHLY recommend doing a bridal shoot?? Stay tuned πŸ˜‰) Some stories are best told from an outside perspective. If you had come to Cristian & Emily’s wedding without knowing a thing about the couple (so basically, you are now a wedding crasher. congratulations!), you […]


Family-Focused, Traditional Wedding & Adventurous Bridal Shoot –

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