Emily & Cristian Moga Wedding – June 2019 (Why do I HIGHLY recommend doing a bridal shoot?? Stay tuned 😉) Some stories are best told from an outside perspective. If you had come to Cristian & Emily’s wedding without knowing a thing about the couple (so basically, you are now a wedding crasher. congratulations!), you […]


Family-Focused, Traditional Wedding & Adventurous Bridal Shoot –

In every artist, there is a little voice saying “try again” and “you can do better than this” and “maybe next time”. That’s the encourager in your head. It’s the one that tells you to keep going, even when everyone else tells you to stop. It sees the potential you have to be FANTASTIC at […]


Community over Competition

It’s almost the season. Christmas photos are almost upon us, which leads to the dreaded tasks: finding a photographer, color coordinating the outfits, and uncovering a location that you haven’t used before. Do not fear!! Your photographer is here to help! With a few tricks and tips, you can let the stress of the photos […]


Family Photography Pro Tips

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