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What should I do/know before I reach out?

What makes for a really great photoshoot? How do I make it perfect?

How do I pay the investment?

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Frequently Asked Q&A's:

How does a photo session "work"?

I got you!

What should I wear?

Do I need to bring anything?

Experience, experience, experience! As someone who has been in this profession for 4+ years, I can vouch for the people who know what's up. We know the trade secrets -- the fastest way through family photos, how to make your anti-photoshoot fiancé relax (& maybe even enjoy himself a little), the best way to throw a sparkler exit, & how to troubleshoot any chaos that comes our way. We'll help you dream, plan, and execute whatever makes your heart happy because we are here for YOU. Your wedding is a HUGE deal. Please, please, invest in someone you can trust.

I'm just gonna use an engagement session as an example, but this goes for most sessions (not weddings). First, we plan. We talk about locations that are meaningful to you & create a personalized date night for you & your fiancĂ©.  We schedule a phone call or coffee date & get to know each other. Then, on the day of the session, I show up. We catch up like the friends we are & get down to business (aka HAVING A FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC TIME). Since y'all know that I'm a total dork, there's no need to be nervous. I'll hype you & give you things to do, snapping shots all the while. & when the sun goes down, I leave y'all to enjoy the rest of your date night!

First off, a perfect photoshoot is perfect because you are confident and comfortable.
So, in order to make a photoshoot perfect, we've got to design a personalized session that will allow you to relax & have fun!
That can be as simple as grabbing pizza or tacos beforehand (food is always a good idea), or bringing a picnic blanket & basket. Ride your skateboards, go surfing, traipse through the woods... maybe even bring your puppy!!
Come to me with an abstract idea of what you love to do/where you love to be, & we will create a personalized date night with no pressure (& I'll be your hype woman for the evening, so you'll never have an awkward moment ;))

I always recommend having a general idea of a few things: where, when, and what your budget looks like. You don't have to know anything in exact detail. For example, if you were to reach out & say "We just got engaged & would love to have an engagement session in early Fall. We really love the Salt River photos you take, but we also love the desert. Our budget is around $300," we could book your shoot right then and there. Maybe work out a couple of prospective dates that would work for the two of you, then head to that Contact form! Everything else can be figured out later!

First off, whatever your budget is, know that your photographer WANTS to be able to work with you. I personally use payment plans for all of my photoshoots. I offer payment plans that will spread out the investment into multiple, smaller payments that can be done electronically over Honeybook (or you can choose to pay the whole thing at once! Totally up to you!). 

Oooo! A fun question!! My best advice - wear anything you feel like a freaking BOSS in. If you know you look good, you will feel SOO much more confident & excited to show off your beautiful self. Light colors and neutrals always look great through the camera, especially with my editing style. I recommend flow-y dresses for the gals & button downs for the men for fancy sessions, cute floppy hats... & always, ALWAYS bring an extra pair of shoes when walking out into the desert (especially if you're wearing heels!)

Let me first say: you do not HAVE to bring anything other than your beautiful selves & sense of adventure & humor! However... I will ALWAYS suggest bringing the following: a pet to snuggle with, a bouquet of flowers to "surprise" her with, & a massive cup of your favorite kinda coffee (seriously, getting amped/caffeinated before your shoot is the best thing you can do to get hyped & happy -- at least, if you're me! ;))